Our first Job is that of recognition not only of the investor or operator’ s goals and objectives but also the conditions of the space of the space, the surroundings, its concept and competition..

All of these elements take on a crucial role in action planning and strategic decision-making. Reconciling initial plans establishes hierarchies for public, service and technical areas, determines the location and layout of rooms and suites..

In this phase, content plants are created for each space, aimed at their complete integration. This planning stage lays the main groundwork.


The search for a concept begins with exhaustive research of the location and its surroundings, identifying cultural and regional factors influencing the overall result and thus becoming the project’s essence.

Our work reflects the intended design, creating scenarios that aim at the top comfort and quality. We research technical and material solutions, select products and equipment, guide design and products, and forecast costs to implement the concept.

Our team develops material and color palettes which, coupled with designs and perspectives, make up the project’s presentation boards. This form of communication gives customers the perspective and foresight needed to understand the nature and progression of spaces.


Design Development is basically the implementation of decisions and integration of all specialized work. PPS team performs multi-disciplinary coordination, combining solutions and technical equipment with finishing options, furnishings and decor.

The output of this phase is a document submitted for the assessment of the lead architect, who confirms and approves detailed plans for the blueprints, sections and elevations of the architecture finishes, furnishing, structures, water and sanitation, HVAC, electricity, security, etc.



Our services include the documentation required for detailed budgeting and assessment for subsequent tendering, allowing the clear, selective award of contracts.

In putting together construction tender specifications, we furnish all technical documentation for the architecture, engineering, finishes, coverings, material references, carpentry, metalwork, glasswork and other specialized features.

We identify suppliers, gather proposals, negotiate quotes, contract, manage the process and control furnishings on behalf of our clients.


Pre-selection of suppliers based on budgetary, qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Architecture, engineering and design team can provide assistance and support in negotiations until the solutions are in line with initial costs and budgets.


During this phase of the process, PPS team will perform a complete, regular supervision of construction, including the production of equipment, striving to comply with the agreed plan.

This phase includes checking and confirming samples and prototypes, monitoring work, final equipment installation, coordinating and implementing decorations.